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How to Keep Your Data Safe Online

How to Keep Your Data Safe Online

For both individuals and business, keeping data secure is crucial - whether it is passwords, financial information and any other personal data. Cyber attacks have become sophisticated in recent years and if secure data safety practices are not followed, your data could be vulnerable and attacked.

Here are a few suggestions to help you safeguard and protect your data: 

 1. Create strong and unique passwords 

We all have come across the phrase, ‘Your password must contain alpha-numeric characters and symbols’. Why do most sites insist on using such passwords? 

Having a strong and unique password is one of the most important ways to protect your data - be it the password of your email, bank accounts, business data, cloud, etc. The most important is having a strong password for your primary email account - as email account is a gateway to all your other online service accounts. 

 2. Backup your data to the cloud

We recommend using a hosted data backup service in case you are storing your files on the local device and your hardware is compromised. Ransomware attacks have increased in the past years - backing up data should hopefully prevent ransomware. The files on the cloud are encrypted hence no one can access them. 

Here at Anglia IT Solutions, we offer scalable and agile hosted backup system best suited for all your business needs.

3. Make sure your OS and other software are up-to-date

You are working on your system and a notification pops-up asking you to update a certain software, been there?  It’s easy to ignore those pesky ‘Software Update’ notifications but what a lot of us don’t really realise is that these updates contain crucial security fixes that can help defend our systems from various threats. 

4. Secure financial data on e-commerce sites

Purchasing goods and services online has become easier and while we are accustomed to having easier and simpler check-out methods, we might think that saving credit card details would be hassle free for the next checkout session - Beware! There could be cyber criminals stealing your data. 

At Anglia IT Solutions, we make sure your security is guaranteed - our anti-virus software, and other IT solutions provide complete safety from cyber attacks and data thefts. We tailor our security services to the individual needs of your business and give you complete peace of mind.

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