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Is your phone recording your conversations?

Is your phone recording your conversations?

We are always on guard when talking -- whether on the phone or in public -- we obviously do not want any stranger to listen to our talks and gather private information about us. But hey! Don’t you feel there's always something ― or someone ― listening to you? Spooky right? Well, we are referring to your phone. Have you ever had the thought that your phone is able to listen to all your conversations?

Most people have experienced seeing ads for an oddly specific product after having a conversation about it near their cell-phones. 

For example, at a recent gathering, the subject of weekend getaway came up, we were planning on a getaway to Paris this month. This is a place I’ve never personally thought of or sought interest after and, therefore, have never searched for travel packages online or clicked an ad for it. And yet, while scrolling through Facebook on the ride back home, there it was: an ad for travel packages to Paris!

Possible that the phone was listening in on the conversation?

If not, what is going on? Do advertisers understand the inner workings of our brains?

The truth is, any device that has the ability to record audio and video has the ability to record it even when you don’t engage in doing so. 

Even if a particular app or a software itself has completely genuine reasons seeking permissions to access your camera and microphone, these devices can still betray you.  Another issue could be flaws in the technology. In today’s development environment, the production is so quick that there are high chances of some glitches taking place or loopholes.  

So what can you do to protect your privacy from prying ears?

You need to be cautious as to which devices are nearby when sharing sensitive information, share sensitive information away from such devices. Yes, so the next time you want to have a private conversation, it’s probably a good idea to leave your smart phones or devices in another room so they can’t hear you.


  • Download apps and software from official app stores or from trusted sites
  • Always keep your OS up-to-date
  • Check the permissions you have granted to your app. Restrict any permissions that could possibly be stealing your info, unless otherwise required by the app. 
  • Using a privacy-friendly browser

Keeping your data safe is very important. And if you are a business, data safety is even more crucial. Talk to us for all your business data privacy needs -

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