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AITS: How does it all work?!

AITS: How does it all work?!

Anglia It Solutions has grown rapidly in the last 10 years and the processes are very different now to how they were when AITS first started. We’re working on all of the feedback points we’re collecting from the IT Reviews, but for now here are a few answers to common questions we’re asked about how we operate…

How do you prioritise problems?

Every issue highlighted with Anglia IT is assessed by: how many people it affects and what the impact is (Severity & impact).

The response time depends on your service level agreement: Bronze, Silver or Gold.


Priority 1 (Critical) - An unplanned incident causing loss of service to multiple users or ‘Designated Priority User’ unable to work…

  • Gold - Response within 15 minutes with a 4 hour target fix.
  • Silver - Response within 15 minutes with an 8 hour target fix.
  • Bronze - Response within 30 minutes with an 8 hour target fix.

Priority 2 (High) - Individual User unable to work and alternative IT facilities are not freely available. Reduced functionality causing severe disruption to the completion of business critical tasks…

  • Gold/Silver/Bronze - 1 hour response with a target fix time of 1 day.

Priority 3 (Medium) - User experiencing a problem. Reduced functionality causing some disruption to the completion of business critical tasks…

  • Gold/Silver/Bronze - Respond inside 24 hours. Resolve inside of 5 days.

Priority 4 (Low) - Non-urgent query or request. Reduced functionality resulting in minimal impact to Users Incidents…

  • Gold/Silver/Bronze - Initial Response within 2 days and a 10 day target fix.

What happens once I’ve logged the ticket?

The ticket is passed to the Support Engineers. These engineers are allocated 30mins to resolve the ticket, if they cannot resolve the ticket in this time it is then escalated to the Senior Support Engineers who work on the ticket until it’s complete. On occasion, first line engineers will spend longer on an issue if it’s just something that takes time and doesn’t need to be escalated.

Is EVERYTHING covered under my support agreement?

Installations are not covered by any support agreement, unless you have pre-paid block hours (Bronze). This includes: setting up a new user, setting up a new phone, setting up a new printer, installing a new software, etc. Additionally, virus removal is not covered, but the cost to remove the malware is a standard £85 +VAT – even if it takes the engineers a day to remove it!

Unless you have a Hardware Agreement for specific machines then Hardware replacement is not covered under support.

Some customers are still on an old Service Level Agreement called ‘Premier’. Customers on Premier contracts do not have onsite visits covered, so there is an additional charge for engineer call outs.

Can you help me choose a new computer?

Yes. Or printer, tablet, support agreement – basically, if it’s IT related our service team would be happy to help you decide which one is best for you. To contact them just email or call 01760 725 555, option 2.

Our standard hourly rate for installations is £60 +VAT. If you’ve bought block hours you’re only charged £48+VAT.

Ideally, we need 2 weeks’ notice on installations / anything new. We’ll do our best, but without sufficient notice we can’t guarantee an engineer will be available.

Who’s with you now??


Terry and Jason are the Founders and Directors of Anglia IT Solutions. They do very important things.

Jason Crown Terry Windsor

Sales Team

The sales team, Wayne, Andrew and Tez, will help guide you with any new purchases and IT project plans. Talk to the team for quotes on new equipment or software.

Wayne Price Andrew Mash

Senior Support Engineers

The Senior Support Engineers, Andy and Daniel, deal with complicated tickets, installations and IT projects.

Daniel Caine Andy Rodger

Support Engineers

The Support Engineers, Jon, Neville and Ian, initially deal with all tickets. They escalating them to the Senior Support Engineers after 30 minutes if they haven’t been fixed. Ian also does on-site installations.

Jonathan Hosking Neville Mason Ian Barnard

Support Co-Ordinator

Leah is the centre of the business! She’s the first point of contact for customer support, she schedules the engineers diaries, organises the support department, schedule installs and can answer pretty much any question about Anglia IT!

Leah Thornton

Accounts Manager

Donna is our accounts manager – she’s keeps us on board with our finances and she’s the lady to talk to about any invoice or billing queries you may have.

Donna Watson

Client Liaison Manger

Amanda does IT reviews with customers – making sure they are happy with the services they have with Anglia IT. She gathers feedback points from these appointments to help Anglia IT Solutions become more efficient.

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