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Anglia IT Solutions – What’s changed??

Anglia IT Solutions – What’s changed??

Back in 2003, ‘Anglia IT Solutions’ was just two geeks with a dream! Nowadays, Anglia IT is a successful thriving SME, riding the wave of business growth! Its 13 employees now look after over 400 customers all around East Anglia.

In response to some of the IT Review feedback we’ve received recently, we thought we’d clear up a few “hows and whys”!

IT Reviews

What is the point? As you grow, we grow… Like an oak tree in a plant pot, sometimes the original agreement doesn’t quite fit. We’ve created the Client Liaison role to make sure we’re all up to date with what your business requires. It’s not a sales role, we just want to make sure our customers are happy! It also creates a great opportunity for us to collect invaluable feedback from our customers, so we know what we need to work on!

How do I raise a problem?

We call the problems/ issues “tickets”. You can log a ticket by emailing or calling 01760725555, option 1. Emailing or calling an engineer directly is not always the best method and can prolong the response time!

Once logged you’ll get a “ticket number”. Keep this and refer to it if you need to call AITS whilst the ticket is with us. The asset tag number also comes in handy here – this is the number on the small silver AITS sticker on the tower of your computer.

Automatic ticket responses

A necessary evil, but at least you know that we’ve received the message loud and clear! It’s in the system and our engineers will be working on your problem as soon as they can.

Social Media

You can now get sneak peeks of upcoming offers and events at Anglia IT by following us on Twitter or liking our new Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you there!

Automated phone systems

They do seem like an absolute pain when you “just want to talk to a human”, but stick with them and you’ll get through to the right person, first time, without being passed around the office!

Asset Tags

Many of the customers Amanda has been to see will be able to relate to this:

“It’s Angela’s computer… oh! But it might say ‘John’s’, it used to be his and Sally uses Angela’s old one. Anyway, it’s broken”

This gets confusing for engineers! People often change roles so it’s much easier for us to know that we’re working on “Computer 1234”. This gives us a clear record of how that specific machine has performed over time and, if it’s a regular in the AITS workshop, we may recommend getting it replaced.


It’s not something we’ve sought in any formal capacity before, but we do understand it’s absolutely essential in moving our business forward. Email us any points you feel we’d benefit from :

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