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Investing in IT and Technology Wisely

It is widely recognised that most businesses today rely on IT in some form or another for their day to day operations.

What is surprising therefore, is how little many small to medium sized enterprises invest in the systems technology. If technology is the lifeblood of a business, it stands to reason, surely that this would be a critical and non-negotiable area of investment, but there are many businesses who still think it is an area where savings can be made.

In the first instance, there is the capital investment in hardware. If you are a start-up business, or you have a limited budget, it is of course highly tempting to buy a laptop or PC from the local supermarket or Internet, for a knock-down price. However, this can very often prove to be a false economy. The less you pay, the likelihood is that this will be reflected in the quality of what you purchase. So whilst purchasing a £300 laptop rather than a £600 Dell equivalent model, could be seen as a saving, if the cheaper model is unreliable and reduces in performance month on month from the day of purchase, the saving is a false one, as the Dell would offer consistency and longevity.

Secondly, we would always recommend investing in robust IT software. Especially in today’s climate of ransomware attacks, IT security is an absolute must and purchasing Norton Anti Virus is simply no longer adequate protection. We often see companies who have invested a lot on alarm systems and physical protection for their premises whilst protection against cyber attacks (which is increasingly common) has been entirely overlooked. 

Finally, and we see this a lot at Anglia IT Solutions, systems support is rarely implemented from the outset when establishing a small or medium size company. Establishing support services so they are on hand should anything go wrong with the company IT is often seen as a ‘luxury’ and more often than not, Anglia IT Solutions only gets called when things go wrong; by which time it is sometimes too late and the cost to the business can be significant if their IT systems fail.

So if any form of IT is essential to your business – from corresponding via e-mail and accounting to stock control and data management – please think carefully when you are thinking about what budget to apply to your IT systems and invest wisely and realistically.

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