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IOT (Internet of Things) and what is it?

Wind back the clock a couple of decades and no one had even heard of the Internet, but fast forward to today and it is now an essential part of our everyday lives. And with the ‘Internet of Things’, dependence on on-line connectivity is set to continue to grow.

So what exactly is the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT)? Well, quite simply, it is a broad description of everything that is connected to the Internet. A lot of people still think of the Internet in the context of their computers or smart phones, but in fact, thousands of consumer and industrial devices are now connected to the Internet via computer chips, which then allow automated systems to gather data and analyse it.

Why would we want this? Well, with information comes the ability to act intelligently, so for example, gathering data for a specific purpose may be useful to a buyer, which in turn could generate sales and thus impact the wider economy. Take this into an industrial setting and we see that sensors on product lines can increase efficiency and cut down on waste. Another fantastic example comes in the form of American company Concrete Sensors which has created a device that can be inserted into concrete to provide data on the material's condition. The IoT has been used to such dramatic effect that experts predict more than half of new businesses will run on the IoT by 2020.

 For the consumer, the IoT can be harnessed in almost every aspect of our lives. For example if your alarm clock is ‘talking’ to your coffee machine, the alarm clock waking you can also notify your coffee machine to start brewing your coffee. Similarly, your automated diary can notify your car where you need to travel to.

 In fact, once you really start thinking about all your devices and the way your life and business works, and then imagine if they were talking to one another and what that could achieve, all of a sudden we see the possibilities the IoT offers are endless. So here at AITS we are looking forward to seeing how the IoT will develop and become part of our home and working lives.  

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