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It’s Virtually Here!

It’s Virtually Here!

Virtual reality has been around for some time but as the technology advances, it is increasingly being used in a business environment. A new report conducted by the world-recognized investment bank Goldman Sachs predicts that virtual and augmented reality will become an $80 million market by 2025. So we did some research into how virtual reality be applied in the workplace.

In fact, virtual reality can be highly effective in a business environment and can give companies the
opportunity to enhance their product or service with virtual tours and immersive experiences. The
technology can also be widely applied for training purposes, for example, NASA uses virtual reality
scenarios to familiarise their astronauts with performing complicated tasks in zero gravity and to
simulate situations they might experience in space.

Virtual reality can also be a cost-effective way to develop a product, allowing the testing stages to be
done in a virtual environment, to perfect the product before building a costly prototype.
Approaching the design stages in a virtual environment also allows for detection of design problems
at an early stage and, of course, virtual testing reduces safety risks when developing dangerous or
potentially harmful products.

Fully immersive reality is also being applied by certain business sectors to improve their products and
services. Taking architects, for example; by using head mounted displays, they can better visualise a
space and apply their designs in a three-dimensional environment, which offers a far more
interactive and accurate picture than traditional static rendered images.

So how does virtual reality work? Essentially, the headset and noise-cancelling headphones create a
collaborative and immersive virtual environment, the idea being to create what appears to be a life
size, 3D virtual environment and of course, with the device being head-mounted, this means that
whichever way you look, the face mounted screen follows you. Applied in the business environment

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