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Microsoft Azure Cloud

Over the last few months we have noticed a marked increase in organisations considering moving from on premise servers to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Microsoft Azure allows you to create your network servers in a Microsoft UK or Ireland Data Centre. You gain all the functionality you would expect with an on premise server with the added benefit of business continuity (for example, regardless of the situation, if you can get Internet connectivity you can work as if you are in the office).

The other major benefit is scalability. When you buy a server, you are generally stuck with the specification and major changes to your business can result in replacement server sooner than expected. With Azure Cloud if you need more storage, more memory or even an additional server you simply tick a box in the portal and its available.

Simon Darlington, Sales Manager at Anglia IT commented, with most of our customers asking about cloud and some already ordering Azure instead of replacement servers, Microsoft Azure has become central to our IT strategy recommendations for current and potential customers.

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