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Responsive Technology

In today’s market, where convenience and instant recognition are so important, companies are under increasing pressure to respond to their clients in the fastest time possible.

Problems need to be resolved quickly and efficiently, questions must be answered immediately; but
in a busy work environment, where clients very often want a response round the clock, how do we
achieve this?

One of the answers which technology has presented are chat bots. For those completely new to this,
it is, quite simply an automated, on-line service, which means that customers or clients wishing to
engage with your company can do so 24/7 in a messaging environment – whether via Facebook, your
website or another application.

So, imagine a client wanting to purchase something from your range of products – using a chat bot,
they can simply ask the bot what they want and be taken directly to that area of your site. It saves
time and improves the user experience. Or for someone wishing to ask a question, the bot can
respond to that, meaning that you are moving with the times and supplying quick responses and
consistency of service.

But how does it work? Well there at two types of chat bot – one based on rules and the other on
artificial intelligence. A rules-based bot is more straightforward to set up but does have limitations –
it can only respond to very specific commands, so if you don’t ask it those questions, it doesn’t know
what you mean. Chat bots using artificial intelligence are obviously more complex to set up but mean
that the user doesn’t have to be specific when engaging with it; it understands language as well as

When you take into consideration that people are using messenger apps more than they are using
social networks, it seems that chat bots really are a way to reach your clients via a medium which is
gaining traction faster than any other. Definitely something to think about…

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