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Tech-No-Babble 2

Tech-No-Babble 2

Did you know that the deadline to utilise the FREE Windows 10 update from Microsoft is fast approaching and after 29th July this year, Microsoft will charge for upgrading to Windows 10?

However, before you update your PC, you need to know if your device is compatible, so visit We also recommend reading the ‘Important Notes’ at

We think there are some key points which are particularly important:

üSome applications aren’t compatible with Windows 10, so it’s important to run the “Get Windows 10” app to check. If your machine is eligible for upgrade the app should appear on the bottom right hand corner near the date and time:

üYour computer will need to meet Microsoft’s minimum hardware requirements. These are listed on the “Windows 10 Specifications” page referred to above.

üTeething issues can be expected, so please avoid doing an upgrade during a business critical time and remember to back up the documents on your device beforehand.

üIf you have automatic updates from Windows Update turned on, Microsoft may force this update, so don’t put off checking your compatibility.

üWe recommend reading through the ‘Upgrade to Windows 10: FAQ’ before you upgrade, so you know what to expect:

üYou can start your upgrade by right clicking on the “Get Windows 10 App” and clicking “Get Windows 10”

Whilst it sounds a lot to think about, we love Windows 10 and think it is worth upgrading for free whilst you can. However, if you have any questions or would like some help please do just contact our helpdesk by e-mailing us at

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