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Tech-No-Babble 3

Tech-No-Babble 3

As one of the region’s leading IT companies, we have realised over the years that just as important as installing and supporting IT systems ensuring that they are always operational, are the people who use them.

So we have developed a comprehensive range of on-line e-training courses for software and soft skills, which are cost-effective, highly mobile, time efficient and flexible.

However, in the course of developing Anglia IT Training we did a huge amount of research about the benefits and necessity for training, some of which we thought we would share with you. Some are obvious and some which might surprise you.

For example, did you know that investing in training in your staff can result in reduced employee turnover, as staff that are happy and confident in their jobs are less likely to look for work elsewhere and experience greater job satisfaction. Training can also increase productivity amongst your staff – if you train everyone how to get the best out of the software they use, or give them the soft skills support they need, it goes without saying that they will be more efficient at their job. Furthermore, training can reduce company costs in the long run; if you fully train your staff in using the software you provide for them they will require less peer-to-peer help and supervision, enabling everyone to get on with the job they are paid to do, in the most productive and efficient way. Training can even help you get new clients! A demonstrable training programme for your staff shows your clients and potential client that you believe in creating a workforce that is knowledgeable and professional, in order to deliver the best service to them. Who wouldn’t want to work with a company like that?

We know that some companies still see training as a waste of time or an expensive luxury, but here at Anglia IT Solutions, we feel it should be embedded into the personal development plans of any well-managed company. Remember: if your team are not confident in the systems they use or they don’t have the skills to do the job for which you employ them, they are not maximising their performance within your company.

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