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Business Continuity

If access to IT data, applications and systems is critical to your business, then you need advice on how to protect this data and implement a business continuity plan.

Your business may depend on your on-line services, such as e-mail, the internet and access to data, so a failed server could leave your business unable to operate for long periods of time.

By using Managed Imaging, we can create complete copies of your operating systems, data and configurations, enabling server restores to be carried out quickly and efficiency in the event of failure.

Anglia IT Solutions specialises in Business Continuity, offering a comprehensive range of products and services including:­

  • Off-site hosted backup mail server
  • E-mail archiving
  • Daily monitoring
  • External secure cloud storage
  • Regular back-up
  • Server loans in the event of major failure
  • Network speed data restoration

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