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Getting Started with Microsoft Excel Getting Started with Microsoft Excel

This one day course allows the participants to become familiar with the Excel spreadsheet software principles using Excel 2010/13, working with data, basic formula and charts.


Delegates should be familiar with the keyboard and Microsoft Windows Operating System. A familiarity of the Excel interface would be an advantage.

Course details

Spreadsheet Structure
Understanding the components of a spreadsheet such as:
Cells, rows, columns, tabs and pages.
Navigating the Ribbon
Using the Quick Access Toolbar
Using Help

Page Views and Layout
Size, orientation, margins, page numbers, date and time

Entering and Editing Information
Clear cells and edit cell contents
Replicate data
Find and replace
Add and delete rows and columns

Store and Retrieve Information
Backstage View
File and folder management
Naming saving, save as, finding saved spreadsheets

Summarise and Interpret Information
Totals and summary information
Sorting and display order
Judgment of when and how to use these methods
Functions and formulas
Simple arithmetic calculations using operators (add, subtract, multiply, divide),
Common functions (e.g. Sum, Average, Min, Max)
The rules of BODMAS
Design of formulas to meet calculation requirements

Introduction to Charts
Suitability of different charts types e.g. pie chart, bar chart, single line graph
Adding title, axis titles, legend
Formatting charts and graphs

Formatting cells
Numbers, currency, percentages, number of decimal places, font and alignment, borders and shading
Conditional Formatting

Formatting Rows and Columns
Height, width, borders and shading
Check spreadsheet Information
Check the accuracy of numbers, formulas and any text

* There may be some flexibility in content according to the audience on the day

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This course can also be held at your own premises or at a venue of your choice, please contact us for details.

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